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What's the difference between the two products?

Cloud Backup Standalone license

The Cloud Backup Standalone license is intended for those who only want to run offsite cloud or rsync backups via the internet, and do not need the local backup facilities included in a BackupAssist base license and other BackupAssist add-on products.

The Cloud Backup Standalone license is a cost-effective option if you only need to run internet backups because it can be activated without a BackupAssist base license. You will, however, only be able run cloud backups and rsync backups. The Cloud Backup Standalone license is not compatible with any BackupAssist add-on license.

The Cloud Backup Standalone license is priced at $209.00 USD and comes with 12 months of BackupCare. The 12 months BackupCare is also included when you upgrade a Cloud Backup license to a Cloud Backup Standalone license.

An Upgrade Protection subscription for your Cloud Backup Standalone license will give you free access to any new release of Cloud Backup. Upgrade Protection renewal pricing and purchasing information for Cloud Backup Standalone licenses is available on the purchasing page, within the Renewal tab.

Cloud Backup add-on license

The Cloud Backup add-on license is intended for use alongside other BackupAssist products so you can run offsite internet backups in addition to other types of local backups. To use the Cloud Backup add-on license you must have a BackupAssist base license activated on the same machine.

The Cloud Backup add-on license is priced at $179.00 USD .

If you have a valid BackupCare subscription for your associated BackupAssist base license, you will receive free upgrades to new releases of BackupAssist and all licensed add-ons.